Christie Lab

Purdue University

Welcome to the Christie Lab! Our research focuses on improving efforts directed towards the conservation and management of wild populations. We often use genomics, agent-based models, and experiments to answer pressing questions in evolutionary and conservation biology.  

Recent research has shown that many species can adapt to novel environments in just a few generations. Understanding which species can adapt to those environments and why is critical for successful conservation and management actions. Learn more here.  

Genetic diversity is crucial for populations to respond to threats such as novel diseases and climate change. Understanding how extrinsic (e.g., management actions) and intrinsic (e.g., genomic architecture) factors affect genetic diversity is one our research priorities. Learn more here. 

Many species undergo dispersal at different stages of their life cycle. This dispersal can connect populations and ultimately change ecological and evolutionary dynamics. Learn more here.

Three forms of rescue are possible for populations facing extinction: demographic, evolutionary, and genetic. Understanding which type of rescue (if any) is appropriate for natural populations is a question our lab focuses on. Learn more here.